Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year from the world famous blog of Andrew Baxter!

Before you accuse me of puffery or braggadocio, let me explain. 2006 was a year of extreme change for me.

I moved to Vancouver to be closer to Joan, and that has been working out really well. It is nice to see her every day instead of a couple times per month. Not to mention the fringe benefit of living in one of the most beautiful cities in Canada with green grass and flowers blooming year-round, great restaurants and more.

In February I quit my long-term job with EDS to go work for Rogers in Calgary, and then I quit that job to move to Vancouver. Now I am working in the best job I have ever had, the only drawback being my commute and my morning parking nightmare.

I had a whole pile of firsts in my life as well this year, some of which were more exciting than others. I got my fist passport, my first bonus, my first new car. I watched the World Cup for the first time with Joan. I drove from Calgary to Vancouver for the first (and likely last) time on my own. Over all it has been a very good year.

And that brings me back to my opening claim. While working at Rogers I was developing my search engine optimization skills. I came across some tools from Google that would allow me to track, in general terms, the visitors to my website and blog. Using Google Analytics, I now know that between my website and blog I have received visits from close to 1000 people from 5 continents (I wasn’t expecting any hits from Antarctica, but I am quite disappointed by the lack of visits from South America). So, in addition to all the other great things that happened this year, 2006 will also be known as the year this blogger became known throughout the world! It will be hard to top that in 2007, but I will try.


Michelle said...

Yay For Awesome in 2006!!

Hoping 2007 Treats You Even BETTER!

You and Me Both :)

6:18 PM, January 03, 2007  

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