Tuesday, May 23, 2006

I am back in Calgary after a lovely long weekend in Vancouver. The weather was typical of Vancouver, but the company more than made up for it.

Joan took me to my first ever real live rodeo in Cloverdale on Sunday. The rodeo was all right, though I don’t think Cloverdale attracts the “A list” cowboys. None of them seemed to be able to make the requisite eight seconds before being bucked off. It was still some good entertainment sandwiched between an extended walk in the rain and a decidedly sketchy visit to the rodeo saloon.

There were also a number of successful home improvement projects on the go this weekend. Joan and I paid a visit to the Home Depot on Saturday and picked up some supplies, and made her place marginally nicer than it already was. While there, we ran into our friends Lauren and Jim among the hordes of long-weekend shoppers.

You know how when you want to describe a large group of people, you use the phrase “everybody and their dog”? Well, at the Home Depot on Saturday this would-be hyperbole proved to be almost literal. I don’t know why, but many, many people had their dogs at the Home Depot. I expect the owners deceived their dogs into coming with them by saying they were going for a walk in the park or something. In my opinion, dogs should not be allowed in the Home Depot. Maybe Petcetera, but you have to draw the line somewhere.

As usual I had a wonderful time in Vancouver, and Joan was the best hostess anyone could hope to have. Coming back to Calgary gets harder every time. That sounds like it could be the beginning of some kind of song. I will see if I can flesh it out a little.


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