Sunday, May 07, 2006

One thing I like about weekends is that I have time to make a good breakfast in the morning. As you know from my previous posting, on a typical weekday I get up in enough time to run through the shower and head off to work.

Somewhere along the line I took a liking to cooking. I am far from a culinary artist, but I have learned to throw together some pretty good meals. Breakfast seems to provide the greatest return for the least effort, and it has become one of my favorite to make. I especially enjoy making breakfast for Joan when we are together, but I do not scrimp on myself when I am alone.

One of my new favorites is eggs benedict. I got a great recipe from my mom last time I was home for microwave hollandaise sauce. I have not been able to find its equivalent on the internet, or I would link it for you. It came from Jean Paré’s “Company’s Coming” series. I would reprint it here, but clearly there are copyright issues. Buy the book instead. Eggs benedict is a tasty treat, but of course not for every day, or every weekend for that matter. If only they had fat free butter.

Thinking back to my childhood, a staple breakfast for many years was chocolate milk made from powder. I would mix approximately equal portions of powder and milk to achieve a thick chocolate sludge. The milk was the boring part, what I enjoyed most was scooping the sugary-chocolate goo from the bottom of the mug when I had finished. Recently, while shopping for groceries, I happened across the chocolate powder that I loved so much, and I bought some for old time’s sake. It is just as I remembered. I drink the milk as fast as I can, and scoop away until I can scoop no more. It is funny how some things never change.


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