Monday, May 08, 2006

So I played my first softball games of the season last night. The team lost both halves of a double header, but not by nearly the margin they lost last week. Of course, it probably helped that the opposing team had three players over 60 (I think we have three over 30!).

More importantly for myself, I am not in agonizing pain today. I remember after the first game last year my legs felt like hamburger and even my arms hurt from swinging and throwing. Add to that a rotator cuff injury from a fall I took last year, and I was pretty much expecting to be immobile today.

It would seem that my physiotherapist, Yolanda, from Innovative Fitness here in Calgary has worked a minor miracle. Somewhere in the middle of January this year I woke up with screaming pain in my shoulder. I have experienced this before and found that it typically went away on its own, so I decided to wait it out. About two weeks later, it had not improved, and in fact had worsened to the point that I now had pain all down my left arm, and numb fingers on my left hand. I presented myself to my chiropractor, who has helped me with other problems in the past, and she did her thing for a few weeks to no avail. I visited my GP, who suggested physiotherapy instead, so I checked in to Innovative Fitness, primarily because of their close proximity to my office.

On my first visit I was a little freaked out, not only because of the $80/half-hour fee, but because Yolanda decided I would benefit from a little acupuncture in addition to the usual regimen of stretches and exercises. Well, I should not have balked for an instant because the results were almost immediately noticeable. I was able to get off my anti-inflammatory drugs and live pain-free for the first time in months. I now have the feeling back in my fingers and full range of motion in my arm. And, after last night, I have passed the most important test of all, the softball test. Now I know I am healed.


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