Monday, June 12, 2006

I think that today, June 12, 2006, is the 18th anniversary of the day I broke my hand in a skateboarding accident. I got the skateboard for my 12th birthday. In the four days between the festive unwrapping and the critical fall, I managed a number of less serious wipe-outs which left scars on several parts of my body. The fall that would end them all happened at my friend Dave’s house while attempting relatively simple tricks in his driveway. I will never forget the nurse who was admitting me to outpatients for x-rays cynically asking if I had gotten the skateboard for my birthday.

Later that summer my family set off on our cross-Canada journey. The cast came off here in Calgary where we were attending the meetings of the Canadian Baptist Federation. That trip would also take us on to Vancouver and all the way to the Pacific Coast of Vancouver Island.

This past weekend I was back in Vancouver, this time to celebrate my 30th birthday with Joan. We dined in style at Aqua Riva (don’t ask if everything went off without a hitch), and after that, Joan had devised a clever series of clues that eventually lead me to some new shirts and nice leather jacket, all of Italian origin. Truth be told, she had hoped I would work my way through the clues before dinner, but being rattled from nearly missing my flight, I was in no shape for mind games…. or something like that. We capped the evening off with some exquisite chocolate cupcakes. Joan topped each one with edible flowers, which coincidently, I first experienced alongside some quite unappealing lox back on the same 1988 trip west. This time they made excellent cupcakes that much better, and there was no disappointment.

Joan always makes my trips to Vancouver special. This weekend was no exception, and every time I put on my new leather jacket I will remember the wonderful weekend I had turning 30.


Joan said...

I am so glad I turned my computer back on tonight :)

12:26 AM, June 13, 2006  

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