Tuesday, February 20, 2007

I haven't fallen off the face of the earth, I have just been busy. Not only that, but we have been blessed with a string of beautiful weekends in the midst of rainy work weeks, so I have been getting out of the house quite a little bit.

I remember once when I was younger I was delivering newspapers at Acadia as I did every morning. It was the middle of February, so I have no doubt I was trudging through snow to get the papers to the eager students before they had to be off for those wretched 8:30 classes. While I was delivering the paper, and article caught my eye. It showed a picture of Vancouver where it was beautiful and sunny and warm and the flowers were blooming and spring was in full swing. The way the article talked, I thought this was a miraculous thing, spring had come early to the west coast. I now know better! Last year I visited the city early in February and I couldn't help but notice the grass was green and the trees had leaves. This past weekend, I was out for a walk and I came across one of the sure signs of spring - crocuses and snow drops in bloom in peoples gardens.

I am quite sure that in Calgary it was usually April before I saw these little flowers that spur such optimism that the worst is over, that we will soon be able to wear t-shirts again, that it will be light out after dinner. Sure Vancouver may be the most expensive place to live in Canada, but I am often reminded that it is totally worth it!


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