Saturday, May 13, 2006

As I write this entry, Joan is winging her way back to Canada from Amsterdam. She will be landing here in Calgary, but sadly is not allowed off the plane before she reaches her final destination in Vancouver. Even though I won’t get to see her, it will be nice just to know that we are in the same city for an hour. I will get to see her again before too long.

Today is May 13, which means it has been three months since I started my new job. It doesn’t seem like it’s been that long, but the calendar does not lie. The job has given me the chance to work on a lot of interesting projects that I would have never gotten to do when I was working for the big soulless corporation, EDS. It was a good move for me, and I am glad I made it.

I am having a grilled cheese sandwich craving, and as luck would have it, I have everything I need to make them. The only problem is that I just had breakfast half an hour ago. Too bad I didn’t have this craving when I first woke up.

Grilled cheese sandwiches are one of those foods that I associate with the free and easy days of my childhood. I guess they call that “comfort food”. I am sure everybody says it, but my mom made the best grilled cheese sandwiches. There are a few other foods that evoke the same sort of memories. One other that stands out is toast with butter and honey. It always tasted delicious when my dad made it, and he would always cut the bread diagonally both ways so I would have four small triangles. It always tasted better that way.

I really enjoy symmetry in my life, some would say compulsively. As an example, when I chew my food, I make sure to chew the same amount with the left side of my mouth as with the right, or if I am eating chips or jellybeans, I alternate sides with each piece. If you browse on over to my website, you will see that almost every page is centered. Everything must be in balance. However, I hate it when bread is cut symmetrically. I only like sandwiches that are cut on the diagonal. Down the middle is no good, and split top and bottom is particularly disturbing to me. Lately though, I have restored symmetry to my sandwiches and other bread-based eats by using “Texas toast” style bread, which is baked in a square. Is it because I like the thicker slices of bread, or is it because the square bread has brought balance to my lunch hour? If only Freud were around to talk this over.


Anonymous said...

And when you used to eat pretzels you used to put them across your mouth and break them with your tongue and then eat each half evenly on each side of your mouth.

Life is in the details.

~ Jennifer

11:44 PM, March 31, 2007  

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